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Welcome to the world newborn baby massage oil and baby moisturising cream

Our Welcome to the World line of massage oil and cream is part of our mother baby care range. They are for baby’s skin, children’s skin, pregnant woman’s skin and anyone who is suffering from sensitive skin problems in general, including baby skin problems and eczema. It is a natural skin care product that contains no essential oils.

Certain infant massage associations and neonatal research bodies recommend that a newborn babies skin not be exposed to essential oils. The oil in this line is a very popular one with baby massage courses as a massage oil for baby’s. It is specifically blended to be light and soothing on a babies’ skin.

The lack of essential oils also means that it is safe as a mother baby care line for pregnant women to use throughout their pregnancy and a good option for babies with skin problems, who react to essential oils.

Some of the ingredients used in this mother baby care line are vitamin E, jojoba and calendula oil they are excellent for nourishing and soothing the stretching skin of a mother’s belly. Both the cream and the oil in this line are also very useful to help ease itchy skin, which is a symptom that can occur during pregnancy. They can also help with baby skin problems, such as eczema; a capful of the oil can be added to the bath, then pat the skin dry and moisturise with the cream.

Mango butter along with the ingredients above is in all our baby creams and is very healing for baby skin problems (as well as adult skin problems), dry baby skin, including eczema. The cream also works as a good bottom barrier cream due to the healing properties of mango butter.

This mother baby care line contains gem essences, which are specifically combined to balance the chakra system of a newborn baby. It allows a connection with true feelings, bringing peace and openness to a newborn. It helps to release emotional trauma, allowing them to feel safe. It can also support both mother and siblings at this time of great change.


“I was given a beautiful bottle of the welcome to the world oil for my new baby and it has been amazing, not only helping my little one, who had been through a tricky birth but also for helping my eldest son to adjust to the new arrival. Thank you.”

“My son was 4 when his sister arrived and I was amazed that he instinctively kept choosing the Welcome to the World cream out of the range to use after his bath, his favourite colour is blue and he had been told that pink was for girls, however this didn’t stop him! I am convinced that this pot of cream has helped him to adjust to his sister, Chloe’s arrival in a very positive way.” Hannah

“My daughter Celia has had very bad eczema since she was born and we've tried so many different things on her skin, none of which really worked. But the Welcome to the world moisturiser I bought has been fantastic, it's really helped to calm it down, I am really very pleased.” Suzy

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