Pitta Patta
Pitta Patta
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We are a family run company, myself (Alex) and Harriet are sisters and we are both Naturopaths. We are passionate about working with all aspects of a person; the mind, body and spirit and decided to combine our passions to create Pitta Patta. Harriet runs the UK side of the business I run the Australian side of the business.

At Pitta Patta we wanted to work with nature to create a range that offers natural support for our children. Trust is one of the earliest stages of development that occurs in the first year of a baby's life according to Erik Erikson's research the 'stages of development' and trust is one of our values. We are a company that is passionate about natural products for children. We use real ingredients that work and we believe in supporting the whole of a child – the mind, body and spirit.

I am the mother of two free spirited children, a Doula, a Naturopath and an Intuitive Healer. After the birth of my first child I was inspired to create a natural skin care range of products that would support the heart and soul of children. In my naturopathic practice I have been working for many years with adults and children using herbal and natural medicines, including the use of gem and flower essences with astounding results. (testimonials)

The Pitta Patta natural skin care range of products works on the heart and soul of little ones, through the action of the spiritually active ingredients contained in the products, known as gem essences. When we work with the mind, body and spirit of an adult or child we are allowing all aspects to work together which in turn brings about a state of balance.
These natural skin care products also supports babies' skin, including dry baby skin areas, and baby skin problems in general. As well as helping keep all skin types nourished and moisturised.

Parents are becoming more aware of the need to support their children's emotional body and therefore there is a shift in how children are being raised, which allows them stay in tune with their feelings. The gem essences and essential oils in this range helps support the emotional body and the other ingredients address the baby's skin, thus addressing the physical body.

Allowing children to be heard and respected for their feelings will pave the way for them to be in touch with who they are. Small steps are needed in order to allow the bigger changes to take hold. This natural skin care range of products represents one of those small steps to help us as parents to fully support and ground our children with heart and soul.

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Pitta Patta
Pitta Patta