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Organic Chest Stick cold relief for babies

Organic Chest Stick for sniffly little ones is a solid stick that rolls onto the upper chest and back of a baby and child, a great natural cold remedy to ease the symptoms of colds.

Eucalyptus essential oil is one of the most valuable oils for treating the respiratory system and a good natural cold remedy, combined with Gem essences (link to gem essences page) to support the emotional body of a child, the blend is calming and soothing to little ones who are suffering from colds.

  • Revolutionary NO MESS stick that is applied directly to the upper chest and back of children.
  • Suitable for use from 3 months of age.
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a decongestant and has strong germicidal and antibacterial qualities.
  • Eucalyptus helps to loosen phlegm and improve lung function.
  • Eucalyptus Essential Oil is one of the most valuable oils for treating the respiratory system and a good natural cold remedy.

"Both my children love their Elly stick. Whenever they have colds I use it and I notice that their noses don't run as much and they don't sound as bunged up." RD, Jake and Molly.

"I love the fact that the Eucalyptus doesn't get on my fingers, so easy to use. I always have one in my handbag and use it whenever Annabel has a cold." JF.

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"Every mum needs this when the little ones are snuffly, it's a 'no mess' stick to help relieve cold symptoms, simple but effective" Best baby health product

"Looked good quality item. The design is really good couldn't fault it. Can even use it one handed. This would be absorbed within minutes. Wesley has always been a sniffly baby right from when he was born. I started using the stick 2-3 times a day after less than a week there was no sign of sniffles so I started only using before bed time. This keeps the sniffles at bay. If I forget he is snuffly the next day. We never encountered any skin reaction while using the chest stick. I would use this 2-3 times a day to begin with then once a day once it had taken affect. My son does not suffer from any other skin problems. Can't fault the quality. The stick lives in Wesley's changing bag and has stayed like new. If I had not tested this product I wouldn't have bought it as I would have said it was too expensive. However now I have used it and can see the benefits I will purchase one. I would recommend without hesitation. I loved this product. It really has helped Wesley and I like the gentle fragrance." Lizzie Edge – Wesley 5 Months

"The packaging looked really smart and it had a lovely smell to it. It was easy to use and not messy. It was absorbed well very little residue left. While using the chest stick Daniel seemed to sleep more peacefully. We never experienced any reaction to the chest stick while using it. I would apply the chest stick when required. My son does not suffer from any skin conditions so this aspect of the chest stick was not relevant to us. It felt like a good high quality product. Quite expensive for what it is. Now that we have been using the Chest Stick I would consider purchasing this item and would also recommend. Easy to use, really seemed to calm and soothe my son when he was getting distressed. Would use this product again." Lisa Beechey – Daniel 17 Months

"Arrived well presented and well packaged. The sort of item you always need at home with young baby. The design is very good, easy to hold and use. When putting this on Abby would be absorbed quickly. Abby was suffering a bit and using this certainly helped. During the trial Abby had quite a bad cold so ended up using this daily and at night to help her sleep. It really did ease her congestion and definitely helped her sleep better. Once the cold had passed we did not need to use so much but great to have handy if she gets a bit congested. This does what is says on the tin and is effective. I had not seen this item before and would consider purchasing again. It really works well and helps ease distress when baby has the sniffles. We did not use this for anything else as Abby had lovely skin and does not suffer from any other skin conditions. A little bit on the expensive side but once you start using it worth the investment. Have already recommended to others. Really good product, one to have at home and works." Helen Jones – Abby 8 Months

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