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Calm and content baby massage oil and baby moisturising cream

We have turned our cream into a baby lotion – why? Because the Calm and Content cream has been very popular with cradle cap and as a general all over moisturising cream for little squidgy munchins so we and our trusted Mothers panel decided that is would be a whole lot easier if it was a bit runnier.

The combination in the Calm and Content line of certified organic roman chamomile, lavender essential oils and gem essences help to calm and balance babies and children emotionally as well as physically. This blend is great for baby skin problems (including some types of eczema), cradle cap, dry baby skin and for baby's with sensitive skin.

The Calm & Content organic baby lotion includes a specific blend of ingredients that soothe and balance little ones who are hectic and restless. A wonderful blend to support children, who are feeling impatient, irritable or frustrated. Chamomile is a 'carminative'; it has the ability to settle and soothe digestion, this is great for children with colic or other digestive problems. This is a popular product with dad's, because of the smell!s.

  • Helps with Cradle Cap
  • Helps with some types of Eczema
  • Helps soothe and calm unsettled babies and children
  • Contains Shea Nut Butter which is good for all skin types, soothes skin reducing irritation, and provides long lasting protection. 

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"Loved the packaging soft gentle colours and looked good quality. Looked a very high quality lotion. The design of the bottle was easy to hold and very easy to dispense. I found this would absorb into the skin really easily. A little goes a long way for sure! Good to keep skin moisturised and also good as helping with nappy rash too. A nice all round body lotion which was very effective. I loved the fact it absorbed into the skin so easily. I also tried this myself and was a good hand cream. Neither of my children suffers with eczema and I didn't try this for cradle cap but both children had bit of nappy rash and I also found this lotion helped with this. I used this daily The quality of the lotion is very good, no harsh perfumes and natural. Also good bottle design to take on your travels too. A good quality lotion was lovely to use and well worth the investment." Gina Elliot Harry & Freddie Ages 2 Years & 9 Months

"My son had cradle cap and nothing seemed to be helping until I started using a muslin cloth and the Calm and Content Moisturising Lotion. It became a twice a day routine and within a week his head had started to loose the irritated flaky skin that had become quite thick. The baby lotion has also been great for his shoulders that have always been a bit dry." HB

"The packaging for the cream is very nice and friendly looking; it made me want to use it straight away. I like the way the lotion is dispensed, its easy to use and id be happy to take it away on holiday. It absorbs very well and you don't need to use huge amounts, it gets to work straight away and it makes skin feel lovely and soft. I used this whenever I changed Henry's nappy and it soothed his nappy rash and took away some of the redness very well. The price is a little high for my budget I am pleased with this, it's a friendly and effective lotion." Chloe Richards Henry 17 Months

"I liked the look and the cream felt very light when I tried it on my hand. The packaging is nice, it looks inviting, calm and friendly. The way the cream is dispensed is fine but if you need to carry this about it is quite big. I found that the cream absorbed easily into the skin and I used it at most changing times. It was lovely for dry skin but if he had a loose nappy it did not clear it, I needed to use something thicker e.g. Bepanthen cream. You do get quite a lot of the product but the price is on the higher end for similar creams. I may buy it again but it is too big for me to carry around easily." Fiona Ainsworth Barney 18 Months

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